Ocean Roar LP
Label: P.W. Elverum and Sun

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Comes with a digital download code! Mount Eerie is having a big 2012. The month of May saw the release of the critically celebrated Clear Moon which sold out the first pressing almost immediately. June through October are full of shows all over the North American continent. Constant new singles and reissues fill the summer. It's perfectly timed that the dark counterpart to Clear Moon is being released on September 4th.

Ocean Roar is part two in a pair of new Mount Eerie albums this year. It acts as a counterpoint to the soft synth walls and landscape pondering of Clear Moon, presenting the opposite of that album's clear glints of awareness: a total wall of blue-grey oceanic fog, a half remembered dream of a trip through dense old growth hills to the gnarly winter ocean, in the middle of the night, decades ago. This album is the audio equivalent of the blanket of thick dark water vapor that covers the Pacific Northwest for most of the year, revealing only brief glimpses of illumination.

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