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Every year there is an album that kind of comes out of left field and grabs people by the balls, and I’m going to go ahead and say right now that Trance of Death is going to be it. Those who already know Venenum know that they put out a pretty fantastic EP back in 2011, but I’d venture to guess there aren’t too many who do know this, and that those same folks will be pleasantly surprised once they hear a taste of their long awaited full length effort. What will be interesting to see is how those familiar with the bands self-titled EP respond to the evolution that’s taken place over the last six years, as Trance of Death certainly brings more to the table in terms of stylistic choices and overall sound.

That said, I think you’d be crazy not to dig what Venenum have put together here. While these guys displayed tons of Death Metal charisma and talent on their debut EP, they’ve taken their formula and spruced it up quite a bit with an underlying prog influence throughout Trance of Death that further expands the scope of said talent, giving their songs yet more layers of complexity and depth and a greater feeling of atmosphere as well. The intro track, “Entrance,” reels you in with eerie strings and keys that, while calm in nature, display a great sense of foreboding of what’s to come over the course of the next 48 minutes.

The first thing you’ll notice when “Merging Nebular Drapes” begins is that the production values have been taken to new heights, as everything about the instrumentation and overall mix comes across extremely clear, vibrant, and grandiose sounding in nature. Magnificent riffing and atmospherics abound from the start in the form of tasteful, well-placed keys and acoustics amidst crisp, crushing bass and vocal lines that are given plenty of room to breathe when necessary, as Venenum clearly set out to do more than just pulverize with this effort.

Indeed, what we have here is a recording that is every bit as enchanting and shrouded in mystique as it is chock full of Death Metal might, and that’s something that never wears out its welcome with me. With amazing lead work coursing throughout its run time, you’ll be hard pressed not to find yourself grinning and head banging on tracks like “The Nature of the Ground” and “Cold Threat,” as Venenum lay down gnarly verse after gnarly verse of ripping rhythms, crushing breaks, and well-placed, carefully constructed solos that dance across the mind’s eye with a luminescence that by and large gives this effort a great deal of the mystique previously mentioned. - Cvlt Nation

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