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Fans of spacey soundscapes and crunchy riffs may already be familiar with Australia’s Mesarthim. The two-man atmospheric black metal/trance outfit has consistently produced albums, EPs, and singles of various lengths since 2015 through independent digital releases via Bandcamp. Now, their first physical release comes from Avantegarde Music, which packages Mesarthim’s two EPs from December 2016 into one convenient compilation entitled, ‘The Great Filter / Type III’.

Both songs, The Great Filter and Type III, vary enough in their own right, yet share many of the same elements that make them distinctly Mesarthim. Long instrumental and vocal-driven passages soar with catchy, headbanging melodies and a weighty ambiance as vast as the cosmos themselves. Constant blast beats thunder beneath layers upon layers of triumphant orchestral synth patches before giving way to simplistic yet elegant mid-tempo hi-hat beats and melodic riffage. Trance-inspired transitions break up the more metal-oriented parts, helping add much-needed dynamics and interstellar flavor. Overall, the vocals and instrumentation evoke a sound associated more with melodic death metal acts like Wintersun, or even the more symphonic black metal elements of newer Shade Empire, but that doesn’t detract from what Mesarthimtries, and ultimately succeeds, to do.

A word of warning, however: The Great Filter clocks in at over a whopping twenty minutes, and Type III will take you an a just-as-modest eighteen minute and forty second journey. Most of the sections, save for the trance breakdowns, are repeated so often and for so long that I can’t help but think the songs would have benefited from some major paring-down. Without a more thorough editing pass, the truly epic parts lack the emotional payoff you’d get from them being used more sparingly. That said, Mesarthim’s solid track record of releasing quality atmospheric black metal, including ‘The Great Filter / Type III’, has me confident that when they shoot for the stars, they’ll more or less nail the landing every time. ( tometal)

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