Boogieman Stew LP
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A lot of bands mellow with age. It's so prevalent among punk bands, that it's become pretty much a joke. Nervous initiates, the world over, when trying to appear cool or in-the-know, have fallen back on this "rule" for at least a couple decades now. The claim, "Eh, I like their early stuff" has wafted through the air of a million shitty parties, insoluble in a cloud of beer stink, in a hundred different languages. I digress. Point is, in the case of THE BASSHOLES, this is patently fucking false. The Bassholes, eschewing the trope above, seem to change with the world at large, getting stranger and meaner, as the environment dictates. A two-headed monster, evolving in the fallout, into a mutant beast screeching and echoing the cacophony of western life in the year after the world was supposed to end. It's been 13 years since their debut and the Bassholes are definitely weirder and more dangerous than ever (their music's pretty strange, too—har, har, har). Greener pastures of the post-Bush years are revealed to be just more scorched earth, and our two-headed monster gets ready to trudge thru the radioactive swamps of the tomorrow. Better wear some boots. Edition of 500 copies.
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