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Acre's long awaited album for Digitalis finally reaches the shop floor. 'Sacrifice' is the result of some two years effort, recorded between 2007 and 2009 in parallel to a steady stream of other releases (mostly CDr and cassette but including one LP for Arbor). It's Davis' most defining work to date, concentrating his considerate and tender approach to drone construction into five symphonic compositions, specifically three longer pieces, divided with two shorter palette cleansers. There's a definite air of mystery to all the tracks, as we're informed that he used no guitars, no synths, no laptops and no looping, which begs the obvious question, how the heck did he make it?! There's no need to dwell on the matter really, but as each track takes shape and colours the surrounding air with its silvery effervescence, one does wonder what exactly it is we're hearing. His tracks are ultimately calm and meditative, growing from simple repetitions which seem to shed like the skins of a slow-moving reptile until new tones appear, surfaces shimmering with dull new hues. 'Badlands' is a case in point, stealthily evolving from a haze of noise tempered motifs to a solid, sleek drone. Elsewhere 'Live Take' purposefully focusses our attention to the left hand side of the stereo field, gradually phasing across to fill the spectrum with hovering pale, warm white light harbouring milkier shades of the same tone which gently seep through with the restraint of Phil Niblock or the precision of Eleh. This is an enveloping listen, slowly charging the listener with alien, unknown vibrations and leaving them blissed out and shored up somewhere altogether more reflective. Excellent.

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