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"Few since early Agalloch have written such a stunning soundtrack to your contemplation of the meaning of life, nature, and darkness. Atmospheric, folk-oriented black metal like this can be simultaneously beautiful and ominous. There are things on this earth that are very, very old. 

Beware, this music will lead you directly to a life of solitude in the forest, living the bare and contented life of the hermit, brought to dwell on the mountainside. While the folk music is not outwardly dominant, the massive and crushing mood will have you feel the cool air on your cheeks and the icy stream running between your fingers as easily as if you were already outside, far from anyone but the tall trees. 

The cello near the end of the title track will be your piper, leading you mysteriously away to this contemplative life. The bass represents the heaviness of the earth and the ancient spirits who reside within, while the guitars and folk instruments have their moments to soar above at just the right moments. These songs flow easily like a soothing morning fog and never stay overly long in one place. The up-tempo sections are just brilliant, but still better was the journey to find them. The 17-minute opener develops slowly and purposefully, with the guitars tracing and developing patterns in the rhythms that only build anticipation for what's to come. Despite some hefty track lengths and many slow tempos, this record never bores.

Vocals are primarily raw, pained shrieks and act simply as a rich texture to support the dominant guitars and folk instruments, which are slow building and mesmerizing. While the vocals take their time in presenting themselves and they are rarely in the spotlight, they're vital in completing this satisfyingly harsh reality." metalstorm
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  • atmospheric
  • black metal

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