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Undoubtedly one of the most technically accomplished of all extreme metal classics, "Tara" is like nothing you will have ever heard; forget what you think you know about extreme metal drumming and guitar-playing dexterity, you have not heard anything until you've heard this. Being the very definition of OTT in its execution, "Tara" does nothing by halves. Enigmatic mainman/drummer/vocalist Sir Proscriptor McGovern must have a severe case of ADD; he hyperactively destroys his drums through a combination of truly mind-blowing speed, complex fills and time-signature changes that are so explosive one's attention could easily be detracted from some of the sharpest, most devastating riffs you will ever hear being laid down by a mere human. The dominant riffs of "Pillars Of Mercy" and "Manannán" are astonishingly merciless, worthy of comparison to the likes of Slayer at their very "Reign In Blood" best. However that is not to forget "A Shield With An Iron Face", a song resplendent in it's collaboration between riff and drum, working together in perfect harmony to showcase an attention to detail much greater than one would expect from 'mere' magnificent song-writing skills. Nor should "From Ancient Times (Starless Skies Burn To Ash)" be discarded which arrives with the power and destruction of a herd of wildebeest charging through your living room.
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