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ltd edition of 600. a 3 way split involving alt.vinyl PIAPTK and lost tapes. 200 each of different sleeves (this is the alt.vinyl sleeve). Coloured vinyl, inserts and loads of extras.

Ghostly and disconcerting but also uplifting…a unqiue record

These songs were recorded live to a 1940’s Webster Wire Recorder. Wire recorders were originally invented in the late 1800’s and recorded sound to a hair-thin strand of stainless steel wire. This was the predecessor to magnetic tape as a recording medium. The wire is extremely fragile and fickle, and the machine itself adds certain audio elements to the recording; pitch shifts, bleed over from previous recordings on the reused wire, a clanking sound from the cylinders turning, tonal colorings and distortions, etc. These elements very much color and contribute to the recordings. Therefore, this record is considered a “collaboration” between the artists and this antiquated machine.

This item is tagged as:
  • Experimental
  • Folk
  • Indie
  • Lo-Fi

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