#398 | April 2017 MAG

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Inside this issue:

The Residents: Beyond the eyeballs, still oddballs: The Residents look back on a decades-long career and present a macabre new album concerning the spectacular train crashes of the last century. By Sam Lefebvre

Seymour Wright: The improvising saxophonist has made London’s Oto Project Space his base for collaboration, experimentation and the transformation of ideas into sound. By Philip Clark

Brother Ah: Formerly an associate of Monk, Coltrane and Sun Ra, the mystic, globe-trotting composer and master French horn player goes deep into the healing properties of the meditative groove. By Phil Freeman

Maja Osojnik: Folk songs, large scale soundtracks and the humble recorder all find a home in the work of the Slovenian composer. By Robert Barry

The Wire Tapper 43: Your track by track guide to this month's free CD

Pan Daijing: From powerful techno to dance, the Chinese producer takes control. By Tristan Bath

Johann Diedrick: The sonic tinkerer’s DIY devices enable his exploration of everyday noises. By Robert Barry

Tactile Paths: Would-be improvisors, choose your own adventure. By Julian Cowley

Georgia: New York producers and NTS hosts concoct fourth world grooves. By Maya Kalev


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